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Sexual assault

Sexual abuse Sexual abuse is when you are pressured to do something sexual against your will. It can include unwanted touching, photographs or rape. Some people blame themselves and do not report the abuse. Or they may have been influenced to trust the abuser or feel they will be punished for reporting it. Childhood abuse is not always addressed until sexual problems emerge in adulthood. Talking to a therapist can help.

The BACP. (2018). What therapy can help with . Available: Last accessed 18th November 2018.

Sexual abuse is not gender or age specific, talking to a counsellor can help you cope with what you have gone or are going through.

Or maybe it's you that is the abuser and want help to stop abusing.

JustJack offers a safe and confidential space for you to talk and be accepted without judgement.

There's nothing to be afraid of...It's JustJack - Get In Touch

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