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Other Support 

Just Jack Counselling Services recognises that there isn't a one size fits all service,

We are all unique individuals and Just Jack  may not be the right fit for you and that's ok.

Or you may not be in a financial position for Private Counselling and could do with support from a charity,

Whatever the reason below are some alternatives.

Citizens Advice Logo

Citizens advice

Centres all over North Tyneside and the UK

Financial difficulties.

Having money issues can be absolutely crippling,

especially for your mental health.

Constantly worrying about how you are going to pay for everything

which of course includes food and shelter.

Its VITAL that you don't ignore the issue and get help as soon as possible. 

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GambleAware Logo



We provide information to help people make informed decisions about their gambling. We will help you to find out more about gambling and what safer gambling means, to understand and recognise the risks of gambling, and show you where to go for further information, help and support should you need it.

GambleAware is an independent, grant-making charity commissioning prevention and treatment services across England, Scotland and Wales in partnership with expert organisations and agencies, including the NHS, across three areas:

  • Commissioning the National Gambling Support Network

  • Producing public health campaigns on a national scale and providing practical support to local services

  • Commissioning research and evaluation to improve knowledge of what works in prevention.

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Victim Support Logo

Victim Support 


How we can help

We’re here to help anyone affected by crime. Not only those who experience it directly, but also their friends, family and any other people involved.

It doesn’t matter when the crime took place, or whether you’ve reported it to the police. You can get our help at any time, 24 hours a day,

seven days a week.

We’re independent from the police, and our support is free and confidential.

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rethink mental illness logo

Rethink Mental Illness


If you’re severely affected by mental illness, through direct experience or as a carer, family member or loved one, we can help you.
We support tens of thousands of people every year to get through crises, live independently and feel that they do not have to face mental illness alone.
Our 200 plus services include everything from supported housing to resettlement work in prisons, one-to-one help for carers, to group activities for people leaving hospital.

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Turning Point Logo

Turning Point 


When drugs or alcohol negatively impact your life, your health, or people you care about, it’s time to act. If you feel that your substance use is a causing a problem in your life, however small or large, change needs to happen.
It might feel scary or overwhelming, but you can do it with knowledgeable, confidential,
and experienced support.
All your information is kept safe, and not shared outside of our organisation without your explicit permission.
Without your permission, we are only obliged to share information with other professionals
if there is a serious risk
to you or to another person.

Alcoholics Anonymous Logo

Alcoholics Anonymous

Nationwide and plenty in the North East


According to Government statistics, more than 1.4 million people are dependent on alcohol in the UK. 33,000 people die each year due to alcohol-related incidents or associated health problems.

You may not feel you have a problem with drink and that your not an alcoholic because you just binge drink on the weekends however I have had many clients lives ruined because of their drinking habits.

Shelter England Logo



Got a housing problem? We can help:

  • Locally: Our advice and support services offer one-to-one, personalised help with housing issues and homelessness.

  • Online: On our website, find expert information about everything from reclaiming your deposit to applying as homeless, or speak to an adviser over webchat.

  • Over the phone: Our free emergency helpline is open 365 days a year to answer calls from anyone struggling with a housing issue or homelessness.

  • Legal: Our solicitors provide free legal advice and attend court to help people who’ve lost their homes or are facing eviction.

Harbour Logo


North East

Harbour works with families and individuals who are affected by abuse from a partner, former partner or other family member.

Harbour offer a range of different services to assist those affected by domestic abuse and work across the North East of England with services in County Durham, Hartlepool, Stockton, Redcar and Cleveland, Darlington, Northumberland and North Tyneside.

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Love from Laura Logo

Love From Laura Memorial Keepsakes

"To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die"

- Thomas Campbell

With over 5 years experience in encapsulating DNA into precious memorial keepsakes, Love From Laura are here to help create you an everlasting sentimental jewellery item. Have your loved ones cremation ashes, hair, clothing fibres or even grave soil set within resin in beautiful precious metal settings.

The only thing guaranteed in life, is death and although it's not a topic we like to think about when we are suffering with the loss of a loved one, what better way than to have a memorial keepsake to hold to your heart when times are tough or you just want to remember those good times and smile, feeling supported.

North East Counselling Services Logo

North East Counselling Services

Tyne & Wear

Since its foundation, North East Counselling Services has provided counselling and therapy to over 10,000 clients in and around Gateshead and South Tyneside.

We have worked to help with a variety of challenges including depression, anxiety and stress related disorders. Clients have included carers, ex-service personnel and other ‘hard to reach’ groups such as children and young people

(through our outreach work in schools).

93% of our clients said that counselling helped them.

Just Jack Counselling Services quoting Carl Yung "the shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases.
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