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Breaking down barriers

I briefly mentioned this on my socials however I said I would come back to it when I had more time, as it really deserves more than I had but didn't want to not at least say thank you, equally I needed more time to process what an amazing thing this person/company has done, not just for Just Jack Counselling Services but also for every client and potential client out there, this random act of kindness will quite literally save lives.

So the story goes...

Randomly I get an email via my website from a guy I've never met or even heard of, he had seen a post on LinkedIn that an army mate of mine had shared and Simon Gale, Owner Director of "Cactus business solutions ltd"

decided to reach out, offering Just Jack Counselling Sevices a FREE comms setup.

Now normally when I receive messages like this I instantly think "nothings ever free" or what's the catch, and I would be lying if I didn't still think these things but because he name dropped an army mate of mine I was intrigued and so I rang my mate and asked him if he knew Simon and what kind of guy he was.

Obviously I wouldn't be writing this piece if I didn't hear positive things back about Simon, and so there was a phonecall and multiple messages back and forth between Simon and I and all seemed far to good to be true, but it was.

Simon is the owner director of Cactus business solutions, whose philosophy is very simple, to run their business by their values which has been proven by how they have not just reached out to me but also how they have treated Just Jack Counselling Services.

Understanding that communication is key, Cactus business solutions ltd have provided me with not just a posh cordless works phone but also a landline number and they didn't just stop there, recognising a potential barrier for clients Cactus have also provided me with a Freephone number and voicemail to make things easier for people to make that first step on their journey.

Being a professional service that works remotely and therefore not in the office much cactus also set me up with an app so I can access my work phone when on the move, they literally have thought of everything for my business.

I am so incredibly grateful for this random act of extreme kindness and I know it will literally help save life. Equally to have a company believe and value what you do to a point of proving that they don't just spout words like values off for marketing purposes, they actually believe in their values and stand by them, which for me was evidenced not just by the generosity but by also how they treated me and ensured I was setup 100%

Simon Gales random contact has done more for me and Just Jack Counselling Services then he may possibly understand and I really can't thank him and Cactus Buisness solutions enough.


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