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Addictions "Addiction happens when you become overly dependent on something, often when you’re trying to escape from other problems. You can be addicted to many things including:

  • alcohol

  • drugs

  • gambling

  • sex

  • the internet

  • shopping

Therapy can help you address the causes of your addiction to help you stop your addictive behaviour".

The BACP. (). What therapy can help with . Available: Last accessed 12th November 2018.

Pretty much anything can be used as a "coping mechanism", a way of hiding from the problem and not facing the issue, or maybe you don't actually have what you consider to be an issue and you just like to lose yourself and escape from the world by gaming for example, none the less when an activity starts to effect your health, finances, relationships or just life in general in a negative way then counselling can help you balance it out.

Get in Touch to find out more, there's nothing to be afraid's JustJack

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