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Need a bit of retail therapy?

You can do your bit to reduce stigma and help normalise counselling

with my retail therapy merchandise!

My stylish clothing and accessories are a great conversation starter and help reduce the stigma around seeking help and promoting a positive conversation around mental health and counselling.


Made to order so Just email me

and choose between my full logo or just the icon design.

More to come so hurry back
or click on

choose what you would like branded and email me the details

Anne Thomas workwear logo

Just Jack Counselling Services
FREE Counselling Programme

At Just Jack Counselling Services, I believe that quality counselling services

should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay.

That’s why I’ve created a Free Counselling Services Programme,

which is funded by merchandise sales from my online store.

So when you buy something from my online store not only will you help reduce the stigma attached to counselling but you will actually be helping provide top tier counselling to those who have fell on hard times.

By buying and wearing Just Jack Counselling Services merchandise

you will literally be saving lives, that's why I call it "Retail Therapy"

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