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Supporting Each Other

I've spoken before in my last article about how one persons random act of kindness made me feel and what that actually did for me and Just Jack Counselling Services.

I now want to briefly mention how that one random act of kindness has led into something bigger.

After reflecting on how I was made to feel by being supported, understood and commended for the work Just Jack counselling services does, it got me thinking and I've came up with a really simple idea.

We are all looking for acceptance and understanding, even empathy from time to time and every single one of us can benefit from a little support and companies bang on about their ethics and values but how many of these companies and businesses actually stand by them?

It was one of the big things I was so impressed about with Cactus Business Solutions because they have proven hands down that they believe and practice their values and ethics.

So I thought how can this all be put together and the answer I felt was really simple.

I'm all about talking, about whatever issue people are facing and I know that counselling literally saves lives, you've only got to read my reviews to see proof of that, but the stigma attached to mental illness, mental health and counselling services is still getting in the way and creating a barrier for people to reach out for the help and support they don't just want, but need.

Local businesses provide a vital resource, that being face to face interaction with their customers often on a daily basis, you will be amazed how important that 5 minute chat is, it leads to building relationships and loyalty between business and customer which is a win win for both, the business owner as businesses need and want returning customers and the customers want and often need to feel wanted, valued and important, and they are.

When we put all the above together I thought it would be a nice idea to support local businesses and at the same time businesses to show that they understand the importance of talking and they understand that sometimes we can struggle with mental health and that's ok.

Literally everything we do and how we are treated can affect our mental health along with what we buy can affect our mental health and how it makes us feel or how it can make someone else feel, buying your wife a random bunch of flowers for example.

So local businesses and Just Jack Counselling Services are teaming up by simply sharing our websites and socials and showing our local community that we care and the customer/client is valued.

You can see who is standing by their ethics and values on my website and if you are a local business and would also like to show your support for mental health and counselling services then drop me an email and we will talk.


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