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Get your Wife under control.

It goes without saying that you need to get your wife or partner under control, and if someone has a problem with her that they come to you as the man and the alpha in the relationship in order for you to check your wife back in her rightful place, a bit like when an adult tells you about your child that is misbehaving in the street right?


I can not believe that in December 2022 I am feeling that I even need to write this short piece however something happened yesterday in my personal life that has me enraged.

I remember when I was in the military my commander told me to "get my wife in order" and I didnt appreciate those words then and that was about 25yrs ago but to have someone come to me yesterday and speak to me about something that my wife had done and when I said "she is her own person and I do not control her actions" the response being "well she's your wife and you need to get her under control" just absolutely astonished me.

Is there any wonder that there is domestic abuse still going on today if this is people's attitudes towards women?

It would seem to me that 25yrs on we as a race still haven't evolved and yet we are supposed to be intelligent. No one but no one should be ordering their partners to keep quiet, and no one should be running to the opposite partner to tell them to get them under control.

We are all equal and if you feel that you need to control your partner then that may say more about you then it does them and you most certainly should get help.

Now this doesn't mean I always agree with my wife's actions however I will as a supportive loving husband always defend her, I may give her my "opinion" however it is only my opinion and she is entitled to hers, and we may disagree but that is ok too as a good relationship doesn't have to agree all the time, where would be the growth in that?

but I do not and will never "TELL" my wife or anyone for that matter what to do or not do.

So moving forwards into 2023 maybe you should reflect on how you still see women and work on improving that.


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