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Child Related Issues

Child related issues Children and young people, and their families, can sometimes need extra support if they are finding it difficult to deal with or understand their emotions or behaviour. Children can find it hard to express their worries, and unresolved problems may extend into their adult lives. More serious issues like abuse and mistreatment often require urgent specialist attention.

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Children and young people see and hear more then we realise and can be effected, carrying those issues with them into adult life and potentially creating a vicious circle. Counselling for Children and young people can really help them live a happier more positive life and strive to thrive.

Equally having counselling about your child can help you understand your child more and subsequently be the best parent you can be, maybe you feel that your failing your child or maybe you are struggling with something that your child is going through, regardless of your reasons or the issues, talking to a counsellor can help all.

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