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Showing Support and Reducing Stigma

Local businesses supporting mental health and counselling,

standing together to reduce stigma and to let people know that it's ok not to be ok sometimes.

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Cactus Business Solutions Logo

Cactus Business Solutions ltd 

Cactus Business Solutions Ltd is a Telecommunications company based in Southampton.


The traditional business phone system has seen some major changes over the last 10 years, with the transition from analogue to digital telephone systems and now VoIP as well as Wireless Communications and Computer Telephony Integration, Cactus can offer it all and this puts us at the forefront of the latest developments in the telecommunications industry.


We understand how confusing it can be for non-specialists in small and medium-sized businesses faced by their own set of challenges so by working hand-in-hand with a member of our experienced sales team, we can consider what features are needed for your business. We are able to provide businesses with Mobile contracts, Inbound and Outbound Telephony solutions like our SIP or Hosted, Data Connectivity such as standard ADSL, Fibre, Assured 'voice only'​ DSL or Leased Line products as well as help businesses make the right decision regarding their I.T.

Simon Gale, Owner and Director of Cactus Business solutions reached out to Just Jack Counselling Services via LinkedIn as he had seen what great work Just Jack is doing through a mutual friend and wanted to see what he could do to help.

A company that certainly runs its business by its values and understands more than most the importance to communicate.

Cactus recognised a possible barrier to communication for Just Jacks potential clients and to help break down that barrier Cactus provided Just Jack with an Office Phone and number along with a Freephone number proving that they really do support counselling services.

 I will be forever grateful for Simons amazing generosity and also how his random act of kindness has made me feel, so if you are a small to medium business then do yourself a favour and check out the website and give them a call.

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Blooming Lush Logo

Blooming Lush Flowers

Situated on Tynemouth Rd, Howdon,

Blooming Lush provide flowers for all occasions

Blooming Lush have been exactly that, "Blooming Lush" the service, quality and price has always been second to none. 

I've used their services to say sorry and also just because I wanted to put a smile on someone's face. 

You can make someone in your life feel valued and put a smile on their face too by paying Blooming Lush a visit and supporting local business.

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Trident Military Cigars Logo

Trident Military Cigars

Trident Military Cigars is a Veteran owned cigar company that provide high end, hand rolled, new world cigars designed to be enjoyed everywhere from battlefields to ballrooms!

We keep the history alive with our cigars and support those who we have served alongside in training and operations all around the globe.

We do this by giving back to veteran ran charities.

Cigars isn't something I thought I would recommend, probably because I don't smoke cigars, however if you are someone who likes a cigar who am I to judge? And if that time and space you give yourself when you smoke it, alone or with friends helps you then that's great. 

Give Trident a try - you won't be disappointed 

Victoria Print Studio Logo

Victoria Print Studio

Born and raised in the North East of England and educated at CCAD The Northern School of Art. I always found myself creatively minded and driven. I tried London, Italy, Paris, but I never found myself until I interned in America. I ran off to find my dreams in NYC, after 18 years of experience and life in the big apple, I captured those dreams and have brought it all back to Newcastle, leaving behind a little bit of my heart and soul in the west village, but finding Love and creativity is still strong in


There is simply too much to say about Victoria and I doubt I could do her and the work she does justice. So check out her website for yourself. 

What I will say however is Victoria has helped Just Jack in the past

and is a local lass with North Shields in her heart.

I'm no art critic however I take great comfort and find peace and mindfulness

within art and a lot of work Victoria does. 

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Cal507 Personal Trainer

Cal507 Personal Trainer

Mindset Coach
Coaching men & women between the ages of 30-55 to transform there physique, develop there mindset and build unstoppable confidence

Having served with Cal507 in the British Army I know first hand

how good he is as a physical training instructor.

Now, he has the life experience and understanding that being physically fit is equally important as being mentally fit and therefore I am extremely happy to have Cal507 on board, flying the flag for mental health and reducing stigma.


Check out his pages, support local businesses and get yourself in good shape for whatever the universe throws your way.  

North East Socail Media Logo

North East Social Media with Amanda Dixon

Covering the North East of England, Supporting businesses with digital marketing, social media marketing, social media training and website creation. Specialising in Website Optimization (SEO)

Amanda was part of the original #SheMeansBusiness Team and was one of 23 people in the UK trained by Facebook to deliver their training. In addition she was one of the first Facebook Lead Trainers.

She is known for teaching people how to manage their business accounts on Social Media efficiently, effectively and most importantly confidently.

I have known Amanda for many years now and really cannot recommend her enough 

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The Rehabilitation Network logo

The Rehabilitation Network

The Rehabilitation Network is a leading provider of professional Immediate Needs Assessment, Rehabilitation Case Management and employment services to the insurance industry, solicitors, corporate and private clients. We are committed to ensuring that anyone who requires rehabilitation in the UK has access to quality and effective services from medical through to vocational assistance.

TRN asked me to work with a client they had in the North East, 

and I can honestly say that they genuinely care about their clients and ensure they provide exactly what they say they do.

It's been absolute pleasure to work with such a great professional company to achieve the same aim, helping the clients recovery.

Razor Sharp Barbers, North Tyneside

Razor Sharp Barbers

Razor Sharp Barbers is not just your normal barbers,

it's a big van converted into a barber shop,

bringing the barber experience to your front door. 

I came across Graham a year or so ago and absolutely love the concept of

bringing the barbers to your door. 

Sometimes we can't get out to the high street for a haircut and its important for our self care, dignity and self respect that we do what we can and we always feel fresher after a haircut and more confident to deal with life's challenges, 

it's the look good feel good concept which is a good start when

dealing with your mental health.

So give Razor Sharp Barbers a try, even on your bad days. 

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Barista Boho Logo

Barista Boho


Welcome to Barista Boho! North Shields new home for amazing coffee, fabulous craft beers & cocktails & of course delicious food.  

Our Café Bar is at the heart of the North Shields community

just up from the Fish Quay.

Offering a fantastic menu as well as a range of hot & cold drinks a fantastic array of craft beers, wine & spirits & a large selection of cakes

from our local artisan bakers

I came across Barista Boho when attending one of The Business Factory's networking events and I'm so pleased I did.

I absolutely love coffee and was amazed at the barista's talent. 

This is an amazing place for many reasons, far too many to mention here so check them out and support local businesses that support mental health. 

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ForYou Photography Logo

For You Photography

Lauren McWilliams, a fun-loving, tea-fuelled brand photographer – and the face of For You Photography. I work across the UK from my base in Newcastle upon Tyne, helping business owners grow their brand,

share their story and attract ideal clients.

Since 2019, I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses and have loved hearing and capturing each of their stories. I also guide clients on managing their own day-to-day photography, helping them stand out in the ever-growing online world – whether they’re running a bar, creating crafts, or even providing a service like copywriting to other businesses.

You simply have to check this lass out,

she's amazing at what she does and really makes you feel valued. 

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Love from Laura Logo

Love From Laura
Memorial Keepsakes

"To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die" - Thomas Campbell

With over 5 years experience in encapsulating DNA into precious memorial keepsakes, Love From Laura are here to help create you an everlasting sentimental jewellery item.

Have your loved ones cremation ashes, hair, clothing fibres or even grave soil set within resin in beautiful precious metal settings.

The only thing guaranteed in life, is death and although it's not a topic we like to think about when we are suffering with the loss of a loved one, what better way than to have a memorial keepsake to hold to your heart when times are tough or you just want to remember those good times and smile.

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Kind Currency Logo

Kind Currency Club

Why we do what we do

To protect the people we need in society, to ensure our safety and protect our lives!

To repair the environment to ensure the survival of the human race!

Kind Currency makes kindness accessible by supporting, celebrating and rewarding everyday kind action through our interactive digital and in-person solution, easing the poverty and climate crisis to protect human life.

Seriously check them out, their ethics and values are so similar to mine #LocalCommunity

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DGA Decorating Facebook Page

DGA Decorating 

We cover all aspects of domestic and commercial painting in Northumberland, Newcastle and all surrounding areas.

Decorating can be so stressful and although I am a DIY enthusiast and enjoy the benefits of "giving things a go" I know my limits,

sometimes it's simply better and often cheaper

(by the time you have to keep redoing your mistakes etc)

to get the professionals in.

This local lad set-up by himself about a year ago after working for years for companies and hasn't looked back since.

Setting and surroundings  is massively important when it comes to your mental health and being able to relax in a well decorated room really does make a positive difference, so why not give DGA Decorating a shout and let them do the hard work and you just sit back and relax. 

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Katie Maes logo

Katie Maes

North Shields based 

Custom made cakes, desserts, chocolates and other sweet treats

Katie Maes provides feel good food 

More info on route once I get out this food coma 

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Optimal Logo

Optimal Decorating Contractors are a company based in Gateshead.

Together our highly skilled team bring many years of experience in the painting & decorating industry to provide a high quality service for domestic, industrial and commercial clients.

We understand the importance of quality in what we do and strive to perform a service of the utmost level of professionalism. We provide our services to domestic homes, businesses, commercial and industrial sectors.

Contractors operating in the northeast and nationally. Interior and exterior work undertaken with excellent recommendations from previous happy customers. We have built up a strong reputation for completing jobs to the highest levels of workmanship. Furthermore, we offer highly competitive prices.

All of our team are friendly, polite, reliable, honest and DBS security vetted. We also understand the importance of being trustworthy and respectful whilst in our customers homes and businesses. Due to this, the majority of our work comes from recommendations and repeat business. Therefore our reputation and the trust of our customers are of utmost importance to us.

I come across Graham Urwin (Managing Director) on a almost daily basis and I can't think of a more genuine guy. Not afraid to talk about issues he certainly understands the importance of people getting help should they need it which is why Optimal also support rugby/football teams in our region and park view school in Chester le st, they  also support ST Oswald’s Hospice.

Once again a genuine company with great values and ethics that they clearly standby. 

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Your Business here

Business must be local to North Tyneside / Northumberland or able to provide services to these areas.

Supporting Local businesses and showing support for mental health and counselling.

Get involved 

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